Michael Axel

Central Oregon

Axel is a photographer, artist, and writer. He took his first photograph at age 7, built his first darkroom at age 12 and learned about sharp lenses when his father gave him his first real camera, a 35mm Zeiss Ikon Contessa, which he still uses on occasion today.

His stand development technique started at an early age, and one of his first images appeared in a prestigious art competition at the Portland Art Museum. He has also had other exhibits in art museums, and also worked as a stringer photographer for UPI. To help pay for college, Axel worked for the distributor of Hasselblad cameras working at camera shows. His perception of quality images was set and his lifelong pursuit of quality images was well underway.

Today Axel works mainly with photography, building exhibits and writing articles and books. Occasionally he paints and works on his kinetic sculpture.

Books by Michael Axel