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I have been making Photo Books off and on for about ten years. I have done around 30 or so books, using various printing companies. Blurb seems to be my favorite.I started using Blurb around 2007, The Quality is just "There"! I love that they are posted in the bookstore, and you can sell them for your own price. The fact that you can now purchase and sell them as an ebook is a
I honestly believe that there is no better way to store and view your photos. You can put multipule sizes all in one place, create a story, topic etc.
Since I think every book is a work of art, I store my books on easels. I purchase most of my books with bookcovers and premium paper. (It's just a matter of preferance.)

I was a wedding Photographer for years, so Wedding books are by far my favorite to do! However I also love all aspects of photography, photo editing and designing. So I do any Family, Wedding, Vacation, Personal, but not much for Comercial Photography.
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