Miko Coffey

London, England, UK

I take great pleasure in finding beauty in life, whether it's something as simple as biting into a juicy pear that's perfectly ripe, or noticing the way sunlight bounces off a puddle just as the clouds break. Having studied photography at university earning a BFA (Hons) degree, I took a break from photography to pursue a career in online marketing, web strategy and management. As I am now a self-employed consultant, I am using my free time to rekindle my passion for photography, with the ultimate aim of adding image-making to my 'portfolio career'.

When I'm not busy helping companies understand the online landscape, I can often be found photographing the offline landscape, as well as capturing images of people, objects and especially rust. In between all of that, I love nothing better than curling up with a ball of yarn for some crochet or knitting, rustling up some tasty grub, or simply cuddling my cat and/or hubby in our comfy Brixton pad.

Books by Miko Coffey