Sonja DeChene

North Carolina

Sonja DeChene is an aspiring writer, photographer and self-proclaimed beach bum living inland in the heart of beautiful North Carolina. She shares a piece of the American dream with her wonderful husband, David, and three precious kitties Sage, Kip and Gracie. By day, she works at a well known, nationally ranked hospital. The rest of the time, she is living the simple southern life by choice and loving every minute of it.

The Great American Road Trip is Sonja’s first published photo book. This sentimental collection of family vacation photos from over 35 years ago (digitized from slides) not only captures the raw beauty of America, but it propels one into personal reflection as she relives and recounts random memories of a simpler time. Road trip anyone?

Be sure to check out Sonja's first book published in 2012, Life in Flip Flops, at her website. Grab some S'mores and enjoy!

Books by Sonja DeChene