cece stanford

Silver City, New Mexico

Many years ago, I invested a dollar in a handwriting analysis, done by computer. Among other things, the analysis gave me the following information: I am impatient when things do not go according to plan; have a clever and calculating mind; a tendency to worry needlessly and could succeed as a critic in dramatic fields. Having spent most of my adult life, at that time, in southern California, it seemed accurate enough. Some of it still is. Factually, I had studied art at the University of Oklahoma, my home state. After a seventeen year hiatus, however, I took a degree in Theater Arts at San Diego State University, then worked as a professional costumer for 18 years, supporting my habit to make art in San Diego. During all of this, I have had the good fortune to take a class with clay guru Phil Cornelius and a traditional mosaic apprenticeship with artist and designer James Hubbell. Both of these creative men greatly influenced my approach to living artfully.

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