Reuben Radding

Brooklyn, NY USA

I'm a photographer and bass player who lives in Brooklyn, NY. My street photography is an improvisation, fueled by years of walking the streets of New York and finding myself in a continual state of amazement at the unexplainable surprises the city offers. These photographs are often humorous, but also unflinching in their depiction of the struggles and hustles of New York living. Questions arise out of these images. They don't tell complete stories, but rather act as poems do, to activate the viewer's mind to fill in the story for themselves.

I was born in 1966 in Washington, DC, where I came up in the punk rock music scene. In 1988 I moved to NYC where I became involved in experimental music, writing, and photography. My photos have been showcased in the Miami Street Photography Festival; galleries in Los Angeles, New York, and Oregon; and numerous publications and blogs, including the Huffington Post, Gothamist,, the SF Bay Guardian, and Time Out New York.

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