Self Appointed Acting Director

Oakland, CA

The Self-Appointed Acting Director of the Identity Intelligence Agency, has engaged in collaboration with all residents, participants, & tourists to Gender Universe, wherein our Real Gender Experts and our Research Institute of Social Consultants engender to erect an Official Real Gender Archive with all since 2005.

We commit ourselves to manifesting a world where fluctuating, contradictory, and stereotypically invisible identities become visible and viable. We engender to dream the future into being by creating utilitarian objects meant for the incorporation and use of reflective behavior, action, and social contribution. In other words, we manufacture functional artifacts in order to erect a disruption and to create an effective intervention of normative social values, codes, and practices. Moreover, we are highlighting the permeable boundary between art and life, to celebrate the art of living in consensual, kind, and compassionate relationship.

Books by Self Appointed Acting Director