S. Smith Photography

Chicago, Illinois

S. Smith Photography, specializing in Religious-Art and Church-Event Photography.

S. Smith Photography believes in creating religious works of photographic art for the glory of God and the deepening of devotion in those who see them. With a unique perspective toward capturing the Divine in the detail, S. Smith Photography creates works that celebrate the past, witness to the present, and are crafted for the future.

S. Smith Photography’s passion for the liturgy comes across in a new way in photographing your special church event. A specialization in church-event photography provides an intimate understanding, capturing the beauty of the liturgy with a sensitive eye and a foundation of reverence. Whether it is the glory of a Solemn High Mass or the quiet grace of a private baptism, S. Smith Photography captures the heart of the event while remaining discreet and unobtrusive. The sacredness of the event itself always comes first with S. Smith Photography.

Areas of Expertise

Religious-Art and Church-Event Photography, with a specialty in stained glass window photography and photographing the Extraordinary Form (Traditional Latin Mass) of the Roman Catholic Mass, as well as Anglo-Catholic Masses in the Anglican tradition.

Books by S. Smith Photography