tony andrade

quincy massachusetts

Tony Andrade is a representational artist/photographer using various mediums besides photography, moving from watercolor to oils and pastels. He enjoys using his point of view to interpret the light, textures and designs found all around us. From a simple still life, to landscapes, as well as his most recent photographic series of botanical images. In these images he is trying to capture a poetic sensibility, even a spirituality, found in the simplest forms in nature.
Formally trained as a graphic designer he worked as a senior art director in advertising agencies and corporations before establishing his own design firm in the late seventies. Still busy with his design projects he makes time to continue exploring his art and photgraphy.
He has won numerous awards for his work in juried competitions in the greater Boston area.
He lives with his wife Phyllis their Havanese, Lucy and Desi and enjoy their family, friends and two grandchildren Nicholas and Jacquelyn.

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