Angie Wheeler

Newbury Park, Ca USA

I took my first photography class in junior college. It was 1996. Seemed like yesterday (not really). I found my passion in life and wondered why I didn't figure it out sooner. I would spend countless hours in a darkroom without food or water because I was so immersed and unaware of my physical needs. I spent 9 more years studying photography at college off and on. Through those years, I had held onto a safe desk job with a great company. Photography was just a serious hobby. In 2010 I was laid off. I took my passion for photography to the next level. What did I have to lose? One of the last photography classes that I took, my final project was to take one thing and photograph it 5 different ways. Most students chose a fork as their subject. I chose my beloved iguana. My teacher told me to make a book. I finally took his advice. 7 years later. (A busy 7 years. Got married, had 3 kids, bought a mini van, adopted a puppy, etc.)

Books by Angie Wheeler