Kevin Brace

Jersey - UK Channel Islands

My passion is for the outdoors, whether it is at home in Jersey or atop a granite peak in the Californian High Sierra or at the foot of a creaking glacier in Iceland. The parallels between the different landscapes are the same. They are all exquisite, overflowing in inspiration, soothing and calming in their influence, full of hidden detail and brimming with a life affirming vibrancy that makes you so glad to be ‘there’ at ‘that time’.

Photography is my excuse for getting out and about; not that you need an excuse living in a place like Jersey.
I hope that my local work not only reflects Jersey, in its familiar and unfamiliar form but also my passion for the island and the wider outdoors in general.

As well as presenting images in the traditional format I like to experiment with slightly more graphic presentations of the scene and I hope that my overall style is modern clean and timeless. My photography is about enjoying the wider picture as well as focusing on the details therein.

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