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Every creator has a story behind their story. We sat down with a few Blurb authors to learn more about what inspires them, their favorite part of the book-making process, and why they choose to publish with Blurb. 


“Best Coast Cookbook”

Megan created Best Coast Cookbook with a collection of recipes and quotes from members of her family (on the east coast) and her husband’s family (primarily on the west coast) and combined them into this illustrated book. 


Alma Carioca” 

Tanner’s favorite part of the book-making process is visual design, collaborating with others and ordering the first test copy. His book, Alma Carioca, shares an experience he had while living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 


Highs and Lows

Choosing the subject is Elab’s favorite part of the creative process. Hear how he used Blurb to help launch and sell his book, Highs and Lows. 


“Omi’s Kitchen” 

Cassie created a cookbook with her grandmother’s recipes titled Omi’s Kitchen and has sold over 100 copies. Her favorite part was collaborating with another artist for the cover art design. Watch to see her grandmother’s reaction to the final book! 


Beauty in the Wild” 

Chris spent 5 years traveling through remote parts of Great Britain. He hiked miles, trekked through rain and crazy weather, all while capturing images to share with people around the world. His book, Beauty in the Wild, takes readers on this journey. 

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