How to Reorder an Existing Photo Book with Layflat Paper

Layflat photo books make great gifts for holidays, anniversaries, weddings, or any other special occasion. Layflat paper allows images to stretch across a two-page spread, to take center stage and make a bigger impact.

Now, I know what you might be thinking. “I already made this book, I don’t have time to recreate it.” That’s the best part! You can easily reorder any of your existing photo books with Layflat paper.

Simply follow the directions below based on your book-making tool to reprint your past books with beautiful Layflat pages. Keep in mind that the Layflat paper page limits are between 20-110 pages.

To upgrade an existing Layflat Photo Book to Premium Lustre paper, simply follow these instructions.

Whichever tool you use, be sure to carefully review any artwork on your book’s cover and spine before ordering as you may need to make adjustments after the conversion to Layflat.

Upgrade Your Photo Book to Layflat

For existing books made with BookSmart or Bookify:

1. Log in to your dashboard via

2. Select Order More under the photo book you want to upgrade to Layflat

3. Within the cart, select Standard Layflat from the drop-down paper type menu

4. Add your book to your cart and checkout
Layflat Menu

For existing books made with BookWright:

1. Locate and open your existing file (You MUST have your original file)

2. Select Papers/Format in the top menu

3. Select Convert Book from the drop-down menu

4. Select Layflat Book from the drop-down menu

5. Choose the correct trim size

Convert Your Photo Book to Layflat

6. A warning message will appear letting you know that upgrading to Layflat may result in changes to your cover and spine. You will need to check these elements carefully to ensure your text and images are displayed correctly. Click Yes.

7. Upload your finished book to Blurb

*Remember to double-check your cover and spine, as you may need to make adjustments once your book has been converted to Layflat.*

8. Select Order

9. Add  your book to your cart and checkout

For existing books made with InDesign:

1. Open the Blurb InDesign Plugin and select Create New Book (You MUST have your original InDesign files)

2. Enter the exact details of your previous book, including trim size and page count. Select Layflat Standard Paper from the paper type drop-down menu, and Hardcover, Imagewrap from the cover type drop-down menu.

3. Instead of creating a new Pages Template, use the link button and link to your existing photo book’s InDesign Pages document.

4. Open your existing photo book’s InDesign Cover document. Go back to your new Layflat book and create a NEW Cover Template by clicking Create Cover Template. Select ALL from your previous Cover Template and paste to the new Cover Template. The new cover will have a different spine width so carefully adjust all elements on the page to fit as desired.Indesign Layflat

5. Upload your Layflat book and order

For existing books made with Lightroom:

1. Open Lightroom and the photo book you have saved

2. Select Standard Layflat in the Paper Type drop-down menu

Select Layflat paper

3. Check your cover. Using Layflat paper may affect the spine width of your book, so double check your cover spread.

Check Your Cover

4. Your book is ready to upload and order

For existing books made with PDF Uploader:

1. Locate your existing PDF files *You MUST have your original file*

2. Upload the PDF files to the Blurb PDF Uploader

3. Select ImageWrap and Standard Layflat Paper from the paper type menu.

4. Carefully inspect the preview as the cover may need to be re-sized and elements may have moved slightly. If you decide to create a new Cover PDF for your book with Layflat paper, see our Specifications Page to get exact dimensions.


Pretty easy, right? As you can see, it’s simple to breathe new life into an older photo book by upgrading it with Layflat paper. Enjoy!


Got a question? Our support team is always here to help!


  • Thierry Marius says:
    Oct 9 at 06:33

    And for existing book made with Lightroom ?…

  • Fern Helfand says:
    Oct 9 at 06:40

    What is the paper quality/surface like? I am worried about the richness of the blacks and full saturation of the colours that have been working very well with the premium lustre paper.

  • Daz Coates says:
    Oct 9 at 07:09

    I’m also wondering about lightroom?

  • Buddy Eleazer says:
    Oct 9 at 07:22

    Also, what is the maximum number of pages you can have with the lay flat option?

  • T Hoover says:
    Oct 9 at 07:36

    I am interested in this too- I would like to see more info about this product. Page thickness, binding construction etc.

  • T Hoover says:
    Oct 9 at 07:37

    Above it says- Layflat paper page limits are between 20-110 pages.

  • T Hoover says:
    Oct 9 at 07:38

    Please add more specs and images for this product. Paper thickness, binding construction etc.

  • Rachel Williams says:
    Oct 9 at 12:32

    I love the layflat option. However, why does it have to be “standard paper”? I like the pearl coating and was able to get any paper with layflat with MyPublisher before they sold the company. Just curious. I, too, use Lightroom and then PhotoShop Elements and would like more specs. Like the whole idea, however. Hurrah for you guys!

  • Robert Schmidt says:
    Oct 9 at 08:02

    Waiting for this upgrade to be offered for Lightroom…..when???

  • Blurb Books says:
    Oct 10 at 01:50

    Hi Thierry, Lightroom does not have the layflat option yet but we are working with Adobe to see if they will add support for standard layflat paper. In the meantime, please visit Adobe’s Lightroom community page and add Blurb Layflat Photobook Support as a feature request!

    Adobe Lightroom Community Page:

    Adobe Lightroom Feature Request Page:

  • Blurb Books says:
    Oct 10 at 01:50

    Hey Daz – layflat is not available in Lightroom yet, but we will keep you updated with any changes!

  • Blurb Books says:
    Oct 10 at 01:53

    Hi Fern! Layflat books use a 100# uncoated text with a smooth finish. Pages are glued back to back, so each page of the book is double thick and feels like 200# stock. If you have a current swatch kit, the weight would be similar to folding a piece of our 100# Proline Uncoated paper in half so that it is twice as thick.

    Standard Layflat pages will also have a small layer of glue between the two sheets. This will make the pages a little stiffer than simply folding the Proline Uncoated paper. While this will give you a good idea of the weight of the pages, this is a different uncoated paper and will have a smooth texture rather than the eggshell texture of the Proline Uncoated paper in the swatch kit.

  • Rachel Williams says:
    Oct 10 at 10:44

    Hum, thanks for the response. I’m not sure I’m going to like the double thick feel. Perhaps I’ll wait until you have the normal thickness layflat option. But thanks for letting me know.

  • Fern Helfand says:
    Oct 11 at 06:38

    Thanks for the reply!

  • Rima Berzin says:
    Oct 12 at 01:30

    That’s a disappointment. I hope you update this option soon. It’s one of the main reasons I started using Blurb: the easy integration of editing and making a book.

  • Javon says:
    Nov 29 at 06:32

    The layflat paper option isn’t showing up in the paper list in bookwright. My page amount is 106. What am I doing wrong?

  • Robert Cullen says:
    Nov 30 at 06:39

    Lay-Flat is being offered for “Existing Books”. When ordering Books via Lightroom I am always offered the options for Paper and Endsheets.

    Could Blurb simply add the Lay-Flat option in the Ordering interface, along with Paper and Endsheets, when ordering a ‘Lightroom’ book (in the first instance)?

  • shoregrl says:
    Dec 3 at 03:35

    PLEASE add the lay flat option to LR. I am SO upset, I spent a good portion of my weekend excitedly building my first, ever wedding album in Lightroom via Blurb, only to find out after ALL THAT, I could not have the lay flat option. Seriously? So crushed right now. Never ordered from Blurb nor built a book in Lightroom, ugh.

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