The 1-Hour Gift Book

Avoid the panicked rush of last-minute gift buying this holiday. You can make a beautiful, unique gift in just one hour. Here’s how:

The Mobile Photo Book

Nowadays, most of our favorite moments are snapped and stored on our phones. That means you have a quick, easy, and thoughtful gift sitting right in the palm of your hand.

Download the Blurb Mobile App and follow these easy steps to create your 1-Hour Photo Book Gift.

Step 1: Choose Your Photos

We recommend choosing at least 25 photos for your book (there’s a 20-page minimum). Try to include a variety of photos. Mix up images of people and places with ones that showcase favorite things.

You’ll also need to select your favorite image for the cover.

Step 2: Edit Your Photos

Make a few quick tweaks and finishing touches so that your photos tell the story you want them to, without distraction. A little time spent tuning up the brightness, contrast, and colors will ensure your chosen images shine on the page.

Step 3: Create a New Book

Open the Blurb Mobile App and choose your book size. The Mini Square 5×5 in. format is unique to the app and is a fun, pocket-sized keepsake. For something more luxe, choose the Small Square 7×7 in. format.

Both formats come with Premium Lustre paper.

Step 4: Autoflow Your Photos

You can quickly pull your images directly from your phone’s image gallery or from your Facebook albums.

Step 5: Layout Your Photos

Choose from three layout options: portrait, landscape, or square with a white margin around your images. Vary layouts from page to page to suit your chosen images.

You might find that you need to add or remove pages as you order and layout your photos. If so, remember that pages can only be added in even numbers, and removing pages or rearranging photos can affect other spreads in the book.

Step 6: Add Captions

Once your photos are laid out, you can add in text to help bring your 1-hour gift book to life. Memories, shared jokes, song lyrics, quotes; anything that adds to the story you’re telling.

Step 7: Pick Your Cover Photo

Select images for the front and back cover. This will be the first thing the person unwrapping your gift will see so choose carefully.

Step 8: Upload and Order Your Book!

And that’s it! In just one hour you’ve made a unique, fast gift that they’re bound to love.

Now it’s time to get gift wrapping. Check out our post on Creative Ways to Gift Wrap a Book, so that they’ll never guess what’s inside!


Blurb for iPhone and iPad
Ready to make a fast and easy book with Blurb? Choose from 3 different page layouts, add captions, and autoflow your images to make a beautiful book on the go. Get started today!


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