Unleash Your Creativity with Flickr

We’re excited to announce our new partnership with Flickr! Take your Flickr photos from screen to print in a bookstore-quality photo book. Flickr is the best online photo management and sharing application in the world, and it’s home to tens of billions of photos. With Flickr, you can easily organize your own photography and make it available to family, friends and a wider audience—whether it’s privately sharing photos of your kids or showcasing your portfolio to the world.

Already using Flickr? You can now connect your Flickr account and browse your photostream or albums in our free, online book-making tool. You can select the size of your book, then jump into your Flickr account and select the images you want to add. You’ll choose your paper type during checkout. You can add captions, write text, and choose from various photo layouts and montages. When you’re done, you can share a preview of your finished book with friends, family, and your broader audience with our updated Book Preview tool. Post your preview on Flickr, other social media sites, or embed it on your website.

We’re also offering an exclusive deal for Flickr Pro members, where you’ll get a $35 credit toward your first Blurb order, and $35 every year that you renew your Pro subscription (with a minimum purchase of $70). For legacy Pro members, this covers the cost of your annual subscription outright. And if you’re a Flickr Pro member, you can now promote your work on your Flickr account, so it’s even easier to sell your book to fans.

Check out our official Blurb Group to share your book with the Flickr community, or for inspiration from Blurb books that Flickr members have created.


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