J. Michael Dumoulin

Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi USA

J. Michael Dumoulin is a 30-year Air Force veteran; a NASA retiree; former museum strategic initiatives director; and an author/illustrator. He is an award-winning communicator, a writer, and exhibit designer. He published his first book, "This and That," in 2011.

The three-book set "Flatcreek Tales" (2015) were his 2nd, 3rd, and 4th books. J. Michael's fifth book, "Followership: The Manual" came out in 2016 (4th ed., 2020) and "Great Nations Dare to Explore" in 2017. "A Frenchman's Duty," (1st ed) is available at Amazon and on Kindle, and someday, when he feels old enough to release a memoir, "The Threads that Bind" (2019) will be, too. Dumoulin's 9th book, "Balanced on a Moment," was released in 2020.

Colonel Dumoulin earned a B.A. in Graphic Art at Florida State and a B.S. in Advertising at the University of Florida. Awarded a Masters in Public Communications from Boston University, he also holds a post-Masters certificate in National Strategy from the Air Force's Air University.

Books by J. Michael Dumoulin