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Film photography is undergoing a new resurgence as photographers rediscover the joy of developing, printing and scanning their own film. Stand development is an old film developing technique dating to the mid 19th century for use with plates and sheet films.

With today's excellent film products--mainly the new tabbed emulsions--stand development produces superb images with long tonal ranges on 35mm and 120 film. Tonal range that used to only be available with large format sheet films.

Find out what chemicals will eliminate grain in traditional film emulsions—your images don't have to look grainy! You'll learn which chemicals and techniques even out blotchy negatives.

Iridescent Light - the Art of Stand Development is the definitive guide for doing stand development, including starting points, areas where you can stray off and experiment with your own technique, and recommendations on film, developers, processes and equipment. Half of the book is instructional, with facing pages containing excellent images as examples of stand development. This book ships internationally.


About the Author

Michael Axel
leicaglow Central Oregon

Axel is a photographer, artist, and writer. He took his first photograph at age 7, built his first darkroom at age 12 and learned about sharp lenses when his father gave him his first real camera, a 35mm Zeiss Ikon Contessa, which he still uses on occasion today.

His stand development technique started at an early age, and one of his first images appeared in a prestigious art competition at the Portland Art Museum. He has also had other exhibits in art museums, and also worked as a stringer photographer for UPI. To help pay for college, Axel worked for the distributor of Hasselblad cameras working at camera shows. His perception of quality images was set and his lifelong pursuit of quality images was well underway.

Today Axel works mainly with photography, building exhibits and writing articles and books. Occasionally he paints and works on his kinetic sculpture.

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fenollo says

Can answer at

posted at 04:33am Dec 23 PST


fenollo says

Hi Michael,
I bought the ebook of "iridescent light", I am French, and I will make a French translation for one of my daughter that learns in the "beaux arts school". I will fead you the updates as soon as I made it.
I have to do it, my daughter can't read English, and she works argentic photography (as most of the students of art schools).
I believe that a French version of your book can find some interest for a lot of French photographers. You will make your own judgement.

posted at 04:32am Dec 23 PST


leicaglow says

Thank you for your support and comments. You can also check out my newest website on stand development for the latest info:

posted at 03:38pm Jul 05 PST


hoshisato says

Great book to get you started with stand development and it holds up really well as reference at the same time; great work!

posted at 05:45am Jan 15 PST


pinhole_boy says

I have posted an entry on my blog with regards to your book Michael.
I will try and review when I have finished it.


posted at 12:30am Sep 07 PST


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