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Lining the pages of this book are 7 short intoxicating & detail rich stories, driven by carnal lust. These stories of course, range in context from; lewd in expression, to artistically tasteful. A brilliant blend of passion and life woven seamlessly into art. There are also 5 Erotic Poems within, sure to stir awake any & every slumbering Erotica lover. Within the world of this book, you'll enjoy the captivating imaginative thrill rides as tales depicting exploits sensationalized, are set to ordinary day to day encounters. Pick up your copy today! Why wait


About the Author

Qosmic Qadence
QosQad Phoenix, AZ
If asked the meaning of the pseudonym 'Qosmic Qadence', the answer would be simple. "I believe that my vision & purpose in life are 'Infinitely vast' and there's definitely 'rhythmic flow' to my method of operation. I was born to bring to the world a sense of comfort that comes by way of knowing, accepting & then walking in your purpose!" Born Muwwakkil S. Abdul-Qawwee, in Washington, D.C. On Feb. 3rd, Muwie or Qūe (as he's affectionately referred to by family and friends) is a poet, author, song writer, outside of the fictitious box thinker & passionate motivational speaker, who lives to inspire life in others. 'Qosmic Qadence' believes that "Creative writing affords the holder of the pen an opportunity to share insightful craftiness soul generated." To date he has penned over 500 poems, quotes, songs & other inspirational content, on the various aspects of life. "Love vs. The World- A Book of Poetry" released in December 2013, is his first published work, with others Coming Soon.

Publish Date  June 07, 2014

Dimensions  Pocket  64 pgs Black and White printing (on cream uncoated paper)

Category  Romance

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