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"Miss Aniela: Self-gazing" is a collection of arresting photographic self portraiture.

With over 100 images spread over 120 pages, the book starts at the very beginning of Miss Aniela's photography, from the early 'clone' images such as 'By the lake', and 'The oak chest', through to popular images like 'Stretch', 'South by southeast' and the whole Balthus series led by ''Girl dreaming'. The book then travels through the painting-inspired pieces like 'An impromptu performance' and 'They gathered to see', right onto recent trick images such as 'The adrenalin' and 'The smothering', plus the best of everything in between.

The book is almost purely image-based, with selected pieces accompanied with short textual captions. There is also an informative introduction.

Miss Aniela says:

"For those who have seen my work online, this book displays my images upon the printed page, with a wholesome introduction, provoking dialogue and a meticulous attention to detail; encapsulated within a stout, satisfying volume for your shelf or coffee table.

"For everyone who hasn't seen my work before, this journey of images and words, in print, is an excellent introduction and way to experience the progression and 'story' of my self portraits. It is complete within itself, which also makes it an ideal gift for others!

"The book is crammed full of colour and adventure, but pace is incorporated through the use of textual excerpts every few pages taken from the more entertaining descriptions on my flickr photostream. Some descriptions have been embellished with further detail.

"Thank you - and enjoy!"


About the Author

Miss Aniela
MissAniela London, UK
I am a fine-art and commercial photographer based in London, UK. Self-taught in photography, my passion began with creating high-impact, often surreal self-portraits as ‘Miss Aniela’. I also host an event called the Fashion Shoot Experience in London and internationally. In my work I am interested in hitting the spot between real and surreal, employing digital means to sometimes achieve impossible illusions. I also have two books commercially published: Self-Portrait Photography and Creative Portrait Photography, which you can find out about on my website

Comments (6)


andreskal says

Hi MIss Aniella I saw you books because i was looking the blurb's blog and read your review there. i can't help my self to not to see the next and the next image in your web blog, flicker.. etc.. WOOWW i have to say that i really respect your work!! i've just added you in flickr as a contact. and also you would give a glance to my book i recent published.
Best wishes. kal

posted at 01:27pm Apr 04 PST


verdateo says

Interesting work!

posted at 10:56pm Mar 30 PST


fipa says

very good, I like the idea of the entire book, great work!

posted at 12:09am Jan 03 PST


emilinho says

Just received this book and wow! It's really that good! Great work, great inspiration, a worthwhile purchase. Self-portraiture doesn't get more intriguing than this!

posted at 02:57am Dec 22 PST


ajhall924 says

I googled "trick photography" and clicked on images to give myself some ideas and happened onto your flickr pictures. I hit the button to watch as a slide show and was totally taken back by all of the pictures. You have a talent and are an inspiration to all budding photographers. Keep up the good work and thanks for the insight. Andy J Haitch - 924 x

posted at 11:54am Aug 23 PST


markdavey says

Hi Miss Aniela, I really love your work and always check your website for updates. Very stylish and very cool images.

posted at 12:20am Jul 17 PST

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