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I haven't held anything back in compiling the best of my works here. As a result, I've allowed this book to fill over 90 pages. As a print on demand book, my cost for this book is just over $100.

So, to those of you that want a copy at a great value, I'm also offering this book and a very high-quality, signed giclee print of the cover image, for a total price of the book and giclee print of $150. The image size is 11 1/2 x 11 1/2 inches with additional 2" white borders with deckled edges.

Just for reference, this giclee with the same image size, limited edition, signed version is $300. on my website:
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Ken Elliott
elliottkc Castle Rock, Colorado USA
My involvement in the art business has now spanned over 40 years. I began as a picture framer, then worked alongside an art restorer, became an art dealer, and about 25 years ago, began to draw and paint. In my career, I’ve been fortunate to have seen remarkably good works of art and met some of the best painters in the field. My focus is the landscape and its rich store of ideas and inspiration. I am compelled to work from the trees, skies, lakes and streams in their endless variations. I don’t try to recreate nature (even Monet said he never got it right) or attempt storytelling. Instead, the works are simplifications and exaggerations of nature. There was a time when I felt the tyranny of the landscape. That is, I felt limited by making pictures of a place. Now, instead of making pictures, I am free to make paintings, art that comes from nature but is far more reliant on the strategies of making good art objects.

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