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Digital photo books – your photography, elevated

Make your photography pop in a gorgeous professional-quality digital photo book with Blurb.

Make a Photo Book

Blurb makes creating a beautiful digital photo book simple

Try something truly new – turn your best digital work into an eye-catching, professional-quality print or ebook. Display your photography with:

Digital Photo Books Bookstore Quality

Truly bookstore-quality printing and bindings made to last.

Digital Photo Books Cover Types

Three cover types – softcover, hardcover, and hardcover with dust jacket.

Digital Photo Books Formats

Seven different book sizes, magazine and brochure formats, and tools to make an ebook.

How to make your photo book stand out

Here are a few collections of tips to help you get the most out of your digital photography and ensure your photos add up to a truly stellar digital photo book.

Digital Photo Books Color Management
How to color calibrate your photos for print.
Digital Photo Books Pick Best Photos From a Series
How to pick your best photos from a series.

Your digital photo book – on an iPad

Oh, and you can even create an ebook with Blurb. Add rich media, such as audio and video files, to enrich the experience. Imagine creating a professional wedding photo book with a video of the couple’s first dance and recordings of best wishes from all the guests – all on an iPad.

  • Show off: Your photos will really stand out on the iPad’s backlit screen.
  • Bring it with you: Share your book everywhere you go, from client presentations to family gatherings.
  • Keep it together: Blurb’s fixed-format layouts make sure your images and captions stay together exactly where you want them.

Digital photo book inspiration to get you started

Curious about what a digital photo book made with Blurb actually looks like? Click on the titles below to explore some beautiful books.