Bring it all home with a beautiful one-of-a-kind book (made by you)

Before it’s time to head home for the holidays and get back to the grind, remember the best trips you took this summer, show off your adventures, and make your journey last forever. You can do it all with a book. (We think you can do most things with a book, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves.)

Let’s do this—adventure awaits.


Travel books: An easy way to go on vacation (again and again)

Plane, train, bus, bike, boat—however you traveled this year, one thing’s for sure: Seeing more of the world expands your horizons, literally and figuratively. Stunning landscapes, tasty meals, memorable moments with loved ones—all snapped by you. Before your vacation is in the past to stay, make a travel book highlighting your favorite places, spaces, and moments. It’s quick, easy, and (almost) effortless.

If you have…

Travel books - Instagram

…5+ minutes Make an Instagram book

If you’re having a love affair with Instagram, you’re not alone. The app is highly addictive with filters that make even an average shot look artsy and professional. Chances are, it’s how you’re capturing a lot of your more interesting photos (including vacation shots), so we’ve made it easy to make an Instagram book.

Connect to your account, flow your photos in, and choose the ones you want to include in your book. You can then rearrange your pages and choose your cover photo. Whether you took candids of friends and family or snapped the latest newspaper headlines, your Instagram vacation snapshots will be on full display with our fixed-format layout, which features one of your beautiful square photos per page.

If you’re looking for a little design oomph—with no extra work for you—try our Designer Collection templates.


…20+ minutes Make a book with BookSmart

Make a book with BookSmart


Keeping all your photos together is hard when you take pictures with your iPhone, your point-and-shoot, and your DSLR. But if you’re like us and love the way pictures from different types of cameras look, BookSmart’s the way to go.

With multiple design and layout options, BookSmart makes telling a story your way easy. Whether you have an entire’s book’s worth of shots of your fabulous holiday or simply want to use a few photos and tell the story mostly with words, BookSmart gives you the creative freedom to bring your vision to life. You decide how to balance your narrative, captions, and photos.

Download BookSmart to your computer and, upon opening up the program, choose your book size and type. Then auto-flow your photos in from your computer, iPhoto, Flickr, Photobucket, or SmugMug. Move pictures and layouts around until you’re happy. Once you’ve finished your book, you can easily convert your hardcover into an ebook to share with friends and family. One click post checkout, and you’ve made two books in the time of one.


Making books while on the road—and off the grid

Travel photo books are great, but who wants to wait until the travel part is over to make one? If you’re still on vacation (and if that’s true, why are you checking your email?), or if you have some exciting trips coming up, here’s a tip: You can make a beautiful book about your vacation…while on vacation and while every experience is fresh. It’s true. We’re serious. (About books and vacations).

Imagine having your book waiting for you soon after you get home. It’s easy.

First, download BookSmart, our book-making tool. Then, start a book project (you can choose layouts at any time) and add your favorite photos each day. It’s easy to do in a few minutes at the beginning or end of the day. The best part is you don’t need an internet connection to make your book—you can use BookSmart right on your laptop (we know you bring one on vacation) whenever you want and wherever you want.

Arrange your photos, add text if you want, and then upload your book when you’ve finished making it (you’ll need to get back on the grid for that part), and order away. Depending on how long it takes you to get home, you could have your book soon after you arrive (it’ll feel like you’re still on vacation). Or you can send someone else a copy—not to show off or anything, but…yeah, to show off.

Making books on the road - BookSmart


Travelin’ Light—Turning your vacation book into an enhanced ebook

Travel - enhanced ebook

You’ve heard us talk a few times about how to make your vacation book with Blurb BookSmart while you’re still on your vacation. Obviously, we think it’s a pretty good idea. Well, there’s a way you can carry that book around in a travel-friendly format, even before it’s printed: By creating an enhanced ebook for the iPad. What do we mean by enhanced? Well, imagine your book of gorgeous travel photos (and your wry written observations of the food, accommodations, and fellow travelers you’ve encountered on the trip) brought to life with video, sound, and web links.

Record the sounds of the waves on the beach, capture video of the clouds rolling across the skies, link to maps and websites related to the places you’ve gone. It all starts with the book you’ve already made. Just convert any book file you’ve made with Blurb to an ebook for $9.99. Then use our ebook editor to drag and drop audio, video, and links. Your friends and family can catch up on your travels while you’re still enjoying a Mai Tai at the airport lounge.

No iPad? You can still create a digital version of your book as a PDF.

Take a look at how others have used our enhanced ebook format to make some really cool ebooks.


From the Bookstore

Thailand Street Markets - Sabino Parente

Thailand Street Markets
Sabino Parente

There’s perhaps no place with more commercial variety than a Thailand street market. Photographer Sabino Parente takes us through market stalls filled with fish, octopus, insects, circuit boards, spools of wire, and disemboweled frogs in photographs bristling with color and detail.

Mediodia Medianoche - Dan Milnor

Mediodia / Medianoche
Dan Milnor

Dan Milnor has kind of been everywhere. In Mediodia / Medianoche, he trains his Leica lens on Uruguay, “roughly 6218 miles from home.” Dan makes innovative use of our Trade format, literally turning it on its side, so it becomes a kind of picture-postcard book. Of course these aren’t holiday snaps—any book that starts out with a reference to Joseph Conrad’s Colonel Kurtz, is going to be a gritty journey indeed.

100 Countries Under 30 - Ivars Krutainis

100 Countries Under 30
Ivars Krutainis

What did you accomplish before you turned 30? Ivars Krutainis went to 100 countries on a series of self-financed trips to get himself through a mid-life crisis. It’s as much a travelogue as it is a reminder that we’re in a big world, there’s a lot to see, and anyone can get out there and do it.


Diario del Perú - Flemming Bo Jensen

Diario del Perú
Flemming Bo Jensen

The best travel books are as much about feeling as they are about the locals. In Dario del Perú, Danish photographer Flemming Bo Jensen takes us inside the country and tries to discover why he just can’t shake the place. This pocket-sized travelogue looks like a real-life notebook, complete with ephemera, handwritten notes, and Flemming’s gorgeous color and black-and-white photography.

The New York Guide to Fashion - Amanda Franz

The New York Guide to Fashion
Amanda Franz

New York is a city known for style. Just ask Carrie Bradshaw—or Amanda Franz, author of The New York Guide to Fashion. Full of maps and breezy couture illustrations, this gorgeous guide to the best shopping spots in the city is a much more charming and attractive travel companion than an app.

My Travel Journal - Hannah Rollings

My Travel Journal
Hannah Rollings

Some travel books tell you where to go. This book is not one of them. My Travel Journal is an inspiring book full of activities aimed at young travelers. Using a delightfully bold, vintage style, Hannah Rollings’s book encourages kids to not just see, but to really observe and connect with the places they visit.

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