10 Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

We all know someone who constantly has their nose in a book. Someone who loves nothing more than browsing the shelves of their local bookstore, or discussing in detail every twist and turn of their favorite plot. When it comes to finding gifts for our book lovers, books will always be a good choice. But if you’re looking for something a little different, we’ve got you covered.

10 Unique Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

Gift Idea #1
A Magazine Subscription

The next best thing after reading a book? Reading a magazine about books! A subscription to a literary or book-focused magazine will connect your book lover to a whole community of readers and writers who share their passion. They’ll discover new reads, keep up to date with new trends in the industry, hear from their favorite authors, and more!

Try these for starters: World Literature Today, Bookforum, Creative Nonfiction

Gift Idea #2

A bookshelf is never complete without a beautiful pair of bookends to frame its precious cargo. From discreet and functional to quirky and fun, they come in all shapes and sizes, making for a truly personal and practical gift for book lovers.

Gift Idea #3

If the book lover in your life is hesitant to loan out their precious volumes for fear of never seeing them again, a set of bookplates could be the answer. These library style record cards can be easily stuck on a front inside cover, detailing who the book is being loaned to, who it belongs to, and most importantly, when it needs to be returned by.

Gift Idea #4
Book Review Journal

Help your book lover keep track of the books they’ve read and the impression they made with a beautiful custom journal. With Blurb’s free desktop software, BookWright, you can easily design a personalized journal, where they can note down their thoughts about each new read. Use BookWright’s easy drag-and-drop design features to add in prompts and questions that will help them organize their notes, and fully absorb what each book has to offer.

Gift Idea #5
Book Light

Staying up late reading is a favorite past time of most book lovers. And with a discreet light that can be attached to the book itself, they can read all night long without keeping anyone else up. It might come in handy on night flights and long car journeys too!

Female Book Lover Holding a Pink Book

Gift Idea #6
Book Marks

It’s a fact. You can never have too many bookmarks. Particularly if you like to have more than one book on the go at any one time. A personalized, unique bookmark is the perfect gift for helping book lovers keep their place.

Gift Idea #7
The Chance to Make Their Own Book

If you know a book lover who dreams of publishing their own masterpiece, help them take the first step. Share Blurb with them and they’ll save on their first self-published book. (Bonus! You’ll get 30% on your next project too!)

Gift Idea #8
A Book

Of course, what all book lovers really want as a gift is a good book. But for something a bit different, check out the Blurb Bookstore. It’s stacked full of unique and inspiring books from independent, self-published authors all over the world.

Gift Idea #9
Reading Wish List Journal

Every book lover has a bucket list of books they want to read. And we’re betting it gets longer every day. Why not create a beautiful custom notebook, so they can always add to their personal reading wish list on the go.

Learn how to make a custom notebook or journal to gift.

Gift Idea #10
A Book About the Things They Love

What better gift for a book lover, than a book filled with reminders of all the things they love? Make a book all about them and their favorite people, places, and of course books, for a truly unique personalized gift, that’s sure to bring a smile to their face.

Looking for even more gift ideas when it comes to book-making? Check out our gifts page for year-round gifting ideas.


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